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The Ubuntu Desktop, but with Flatpak!

Familiar Desktop

The same Ubuntu desktop you know and love!

The Flatpak Remix of Ubuntu features the awesome GNOME desktop, with Canonical's attention to detail - unchanged from the standard release. Check out the announcement video on Learn Linux TV.

Flatpak Preinstalled

While the standard release of Ubuntu features support for Snap Packages built-in, with this distribution the focus is on Flatpak instead.

Ubuntu Flatpak Remix features full support for the Flatpak package format!

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Ubuntu Flatpak Remix

Alpha Version

Download now!

Are you a Flatpak fanatic?

Then give this a shot! Your favorite universal package format is built right into the ISO. Please be aware though, this is an alpha version and is almost certainly going to contain bugs. It's not recommended for production (yet).

Frequently Asked Questions*

*No one actually asked any of these, but they'll probably come up eventually.

Q: Is this distribution being created due to some sort of grudge against the snap package format?

A: No way! Snap packages are perfectly fine. But for people like us that prefer to have support for Flatpak built-in (rather than Snap), it'll be nice to have a solution just for us.

Q: Are Flatpaks better than Snaps?

A: Each of the "Universal Package" solutions are pretty much equal in their pros and cons. As for which is better, it depends on your specific use-case. This distribution doesn't exist to make any assertion that one is any better than another.

Q: Why go through the trouble of creating this? It only takes 5 minutes to install Flatpak!

A: You know, when someone saves you five minutes of your time it's probably better to thank them than to nitpick.

Note: This distribution is not an official flavor of Ubuntu, and is not recognized or endorsed by Canonical. It exists solely as an alternative installer to bypass Snap Packages for those that don't prefer them.